Natural vs. Chemical: Effects on oily and dry hair

Folk home medicine VS Chemical medicine

Most beauty products are made in factories where a slew of chemicals are mixed together into a bottle to catch your eye when you walk into your local drug store.

Every popular brand claims their “advanced formulas” can work wonders on your dry and oily hair to get you that silky smooth feel you have always dreamed of. But what is not in the fine print, is the lack of information/research on the effects of prolonged use of dry/oily hair products, intense conditioners, and hair treatments.

Even terms like “Fragrance”  often hide a blanket of chemicals behind the word, itself.

But seriously, how bad is it to use chemical products for your hair?

The US National Library of Medicine showed that 95% of the chemical ingredients used in hair-relaxers and conditioners had adverse effects including dandruff, split ends, increased skin sensitivity, hair-breakage and even hair loss.

Woman with hair comb loss hairs close up


That doesn’t sound too promising.

So where does the FDA stand in all of this?

Even though these products might be FDA Approved, chemicals like Parabens, Sodium Hydroxie (lyes), and Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives are all examples of harmful chemicals inside these products. Some side effects of these chemicals include hormone disruption, skin sensitization, hair breakage, and split-ends.

Research from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) assigns a rating to these cosmetic products, and the side effects of the products you can find on your shelf.

Our site, Divinus Oils, aims to keep our followers informed as possible by letting you create your own natural dry hair remedy (click here), as there is very limited studies/research available related to chemicals and the effects on the human body from prolonged use.

Divinus Oils has a goal to keep you informed about the benefits of using natural vs the downside to chemically infused beauty products by providing natural hair solutions for everyday maintenance.

And we get it.

There’s often limited information relating to these kind of subjects.

So what we’ve done was that by exploring our own diverse backgrounds from Eastern Asia, we have found simple yet effective solutions to get you on the natural alternatives route that even our ancestors had been using for generations.

Here are five amazing benefits natural hair products can help with dry and oily hair:

Related image

  1.     Reduce Itchy Scalp – Skin allergens and sensitization of the scalp is much lower when natural products are used every day as natural ingredients have properties that closely mimics the natural production of oil on the scalp.
  2.    Safe On Skin – Natural products often have very minimal side-effects to the skin that are known and well-documented (i.e. reactions to wool or peanuts), unlike their chemical counterparts. The effects of most synthesized chemicals are still being discovered, and are much less understood.
  3.     Gentleness With Ongoing Usage – Natural products over time are less harmful than chemical products because they contain less filler and “I-can’t-pronounce-these’ ingredients that may make your hair feel silky smooth in the present, but at the cost of lasting damage to your health and well-being.
  4.     Better In The Long Run – The effects of using natural products take time to show, but last longer even without constant treatment because they are compatible with our body and have been derived from nature, itself.
  5. A Greener Environment – Reduces your carbon footprint, since most raw materials are either farmed or manufactured organically.

Using natural ingredients for your dry and oily hair needs can prove to be much more beneficial in the intermediary and long run.

Still thinking about making the switch to natural products to combat dry and oily hair? Don’t fret, click here to learn more about natural, healthy hair maintenance.

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